Differing Things

Differing Things is a podcast which focuses on how far religion and society have deviated from the Bible. This podcast will cover many topics both spiritual, and current to draw our listeners closer to their Creator!

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23 hours ago

You cannot escape technology. It is part of your everyday life. Since we all live in a technological world it is important to understand what the Bible teaches about it. 

Saturday Nov 26, 2022

It is critical for us to see where being unthankful has led humanity. The more we understand what Jesus Christ accomplished for us the more gratitude we should have. There really is two paths a person can take, the path of gratitude which leads to a deeper more meaningful Christian life, or the path of being unthankful. This path leads to alienation unhappiness.

Saturday Nov 19, 2022

A central part of Thanksgiving Day in the USA centers around the dinner table. Just how important are dinner settings to those who are on the fringes of society. Today Differing Things will look at the importance of such settings to the most broken of humanity. Please make sure to give us a like, and share this topic with your friends an family! 

Saturday Nov 12, 2022

Everyone has felt lonely. Living in a broken world full of broken people ensures we will feel alone at some point. What are the dangers of this, and how do we overcome it?

Saturday Nov 05, 2022

Gratitude can mean a lot of things—it can be an emotion, a state of being, or a deed. It can be something you feel towards yourself, another person, or God. It can even be something you give or share to express your appreciation. Whatever the reason for your gratitude, the result always boils down to one thing: a happier and more satisfying life. Research indicates that being in a state of gratitude is one of the most effective ways to live a happier and more meaningful life. 

Saturday Oct 29, 2022

What can we learn about violent mobs? What do they accomplish? Are there distinguishing characteristics of a mob? The best place for answers is the Bible. Biblical history records our unseen enemy regularly stirring up riots.  Please make sure to give us a like, or better yet why not follow Differing Things!

Saturday Oct 22, 2022

Why Paul? Why the need for a new apostle? Why did the 12 apostles just not wait for him, and make Paul one of them? The answers may surprise you! Do not forget to follow us and give us a like! Feel free to leave your comments we want to hear from you. 

Saturday Oct 15, 2022

Growing Old. We all want to grow old, but we also have a fear of it. Psalm 71 is a lesson on how to grow old and remain productive! Please make sure to follow us, and give us a like! 

Friday Oct 07, 2022

Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is the greatest single moment in the history of the entire cosmos. What does Solomon teach us about its cost? What did it accomplish for Israel? What did it accomplish for the Body of Christ? 

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

How can one be strong while weak? How does God's power rest on us when we are weak? What does the Apostle Paul's teach us through his own life about suffering?

Differing Things

The BIBLE IS God's love letter written to us. The Bible tells us who we are, how we were made, how we were lost, and how we were purchased back When we spend time reading and thinking about the things which are written in the Bible, we change. The Bible is living. Consequently, we believe the Bible contains the answer to all of our societal ills, and a literal interpretation of it will resolve denominational divisions. At Differing Things we seek to expose errors in both religion and society and give the Biblical answers!

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