Differing Things

Differing Things is a podcast which focuses on how far religion and society have deviated from the Bible. This podcast will cover many topics both spiritual, and current to draw our listeners closer to their Creator!

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2 days ago

Why the traditional Christian view of hell is mistaken, and a look at what the Scriptures actually teach.

Saturday Jan 15, 2022

A look at the relationship between God and time and how this relationship impacts man's freewill.

Saturday Jan 08, 2022

The Christians responsibility to military service.

Sunday Jan 02, 2022

An in-depth look at America's failed penal system and God's answer to it.

Differing Things

The BIBLE IS God's love letter written to us. The Bible tells us who we are, how we were made, how we were lost, and how we were purchased back When we spend time reading and thinking about the things which are written in the Bible, we change. The Bible is living. Consequently, we believe the Bible contains the answer to all of our societal ills, and a literal interpretation of it will resolve denominational divisions. At Differing Things we seek to expose errors in both religion and society and give the Biblical answers!

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